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Our pilot customer

  • Professional agricultural farm in Eastern Europe
  • Cultivation of 7 different arable crops
  • 5,200 ha land on an area of more than 100 square kilometres



The challenge/requirements

Soy beans and maize are grown on our pilot customer´s land, measuring over 5,000 hectares. The terrain structure means that the fields are flat and difficult to oversee. Conducting tests for pests on a random basis at individual locations is very complex and time-consuming. These problems can also occur with smaller arable crops such as wheat or rapeseed.


Reduce uncertainties and save time.

Scheduling and organisational issues make it impossible to keep an eye on all the fields continually. mofato pinpoints these challenges quickly and accurately with the integrated „anomaly function“: Using this digital assistant, operations managers and agricultural employees can automatically locate areas in which growth anomalies occur, optimising planning and implementation of on the spot checks.

mofato therefore gives users the opportunity to be informed about conditions of their own fields at all times, in order to react to changes, thus preventing damages. This reduces the need for personnel during the vegetation period, on the spot checks to inspect conditions, and saves time!

Lower yield losses and higher sales.

When controlling pests or weeds, it´s very important to carry out measures quickly. mofato helps to identify causes and to combat them more efficiently. Satellite data analysis allows to infer comprehensive, objective information about the Earth´s surface – providing important data regarding conditions for fields and arable crops.


Cost savings by variable rate distribution of agricultural inputs.

The digital map data integrated into mofato can be loaded and applied on machine terminals. An exact positioning system and customised data permit machines to distribute materials in semi-automatic mode. This creates significant benefits for variable distribution of inputs such as fertiliser or herbicides – one of the biggest challenges in digital farming. Our pilot customer optimised nutrient conditions for his arable crops and reduced costs with targeted spraying.


mofato helped our pilot customer to address uncertainties, save time and by avoiding unnecessary yield losses, achieve higher sales. We are collaborating with farmers to apply digital farming in such a way that producers enjoy the benefits that new opportunities and improved decision-making bring about.

If you are interested in the benefits mofato offers our customers, you can request the whitepaper and full story for free.