The journey to Digital Farming is not about technology.

It’s about independence and collaboration.

mofato is your companion.

What is mofato?

mofato is the modern farmer’s tool. It’s a simple and independent tool that is your easy to use entry point to smart farming.

We believe in the opportunities that digitization offers to modern agriculture and we want to realize them together with you.

Mission statement

We respect the ownership of personal data.
We support farmers with agronomic decisions.
We strengthen the position of agricultural producers.


modern farmer's tool

Supporting you with agronomic decisions is mofato's only interest. We are independent. Remain independent, too!
Based on satellite & geo information mofato gives you unexpected capabilities. Get stronger every day!
Driven by your demands mofato defines the modern way of farming. Start participating now!

Current Features

Field management
Easily map your fields, store a cropping history and automatically measure the area of your fields online.
Daily updated, field-based weather conditions can be graphically analyzed and compared to previous years.
Low yielding zones
Use multi-annual data analyses to spatially identify and compare low yielding zones in your fields.
Plant growth anomalies
Weekly updated overview of problem areas allows for easy crop scouting during the cropping season.
Soil sampling
Plan and export your customized and site-specific soil sampling based on crop yield differences.
Nitrogen fertilization
Create and export your site-specific application maps based on crop yield differences and your individual strategy.

Happy farmers

Because of the precise data, it’s now possible for me to evaluate and to cultivate our heterogeneous fields in a more efficient way. Thanks a million for the great collaboration. I’ve recommended you to several of my colleagues.

Oliver Martin from Kraichtal-Oberacker

Oliver Martin from Kraichtal-Oberacker

The fertilizer application maps led to good results without any technical problems.
We have great opportunities opening up and look forward to continue working with the technology in the next year.

Günter Zang from Schöllkrippen

Günter Zang from Schöllkrippen

Despite the challenging weather conditions in Lower Franconia in 2015 the results were very satisfactory. I’m very excited about the final functions of mofato und look forward to a lot of hands-on assistance.

Benedikt Hofmann from Röllbach

Benedikt Hofmann from Röllbach

The practical implementation of the fertilizer application maps went very well.
Thanks to the flexible collaboration, all technical challenges could be solved easily and quickly.

Guido Frey from Großheubach

Guido Frey from Großheubach


You want to know more about mofato? Contact us and ask for more information. We are looking forward to get to know you.

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