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Our pilot customers

  • Operate several farms in southern Germany
  • Cultivate various arable crops (including wheat, rye, spelt, rapeseed)
  • Have farm sizes between 50 and 600 ha


The challenge

As in almost all economic sectors, digitalisation will determine the future of agriculture. A large number of farmers already think that by 2030, consumers will be receiving tips directly from producers and complete product traceability will be in place. Half of all farmers already use digital tools, for example, apps. The advantages provided by anonymous data sharing and data comparisons are seen as an opportunity to progress.

Starting digital farming.

This is why mofato aims to set up an independent platform for digitalisation in agriculture, providing users with comprehensive functions and application options. As an independent digitalisation portal for agricultural needs, mofato facilitates and optimises decision-making in the agricultural sector.

Data (e.g. satellite data) is collected and analysed for this purpose – in a user-friendly, practically oriented interface. On the basis of this information, mofato can supply the user with relevant data related to the state of their fields and arable crops and identify sub-optimal conditions or any emerging problems with pests at an early stage.

More efficient and informative soil sampling.

Site-specific soil sampling was carried out by our pilot customers from southern Germany – the first step towards site-specific cultivation of a farmer´s own sites. Identification of individual productivity zones within cultivation areas forms the basis for adapting sampling and cultivation accordingly. One of the mofato features enables flexible, structured planning of sampling points. Spatial information as a supportive measure assists decision-making and a data basis of previous differences in yields serves to evaluate time intervals between sampling and yield zones in the field.

Site-specific fertilisation.

Many machines are already equipped for site-specific fertilisation. However, variable distribution of materials such as fertiliser or herbicides is more complex when applied in digital farming. mofato supplies a digital map directly to the machine terminal for this purpose. Based on a precise positioning system and customised data, machines can carry out this task in semi-automatic mode.


Amongst other uses, mofato allows users to automatically create maps for variable distribution, taking into account historical and current satellite data. Users can therefore optimise the nutrient conditions of their arable crops or reduce costs with targeted spraying. Our pilot customers used mofato to carry out nitrogen fertilisation for winter wheat, winter barley and winter rye.



mofato works jointly with customers to implement digital farming, helping to address any uncertainties, saving time and increasing sales by preventing unnecessary yield losses. mofato opens up new opportunities for producers, providing the basis for improved decisions.

If you are interested in the benefits mofato technology offers or digital farming, we look forward to hearing from you.

If you are interested in the benefits mofato offers our customers, you can request the whitepaper and full story for free.